Are Your Aging Parents Lonely?

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Loneliness and isolation are so common among the elderly.  There are many causes including the loss of a spouse, physical decline, inability to drive and decreased vision and hearing.  Most seniors want to stay in their homes but what do they do to combat loneliness?  Hiring a companion service, like SHC, can help in many […]

7 Habits for Healthy Aging

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As seniors begin to age, they tend to change their living habits. As injuries and health issues occur, seniors may become more reclusive and disengaged from activities that they once enjoyed doing. The loss of such independence may be attributed to decreased physical, emotional, and cognitive functioning in elderly adults. It is important to promote […]

Family Matters: Discussing Care with a Loved One in Need

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Loss of independence is a common fear among our clients, who want to stay in their homes for as long as possible.  This same fear often drives a reluctance to accept professional caregiving services like those we offer.  When a family member needs additional care, it can be challenging to share those concerns, and to […]

Family Matters: Intentional Communication Unites


We grow close with the families we serve.  After all, the support we provide impacts the entire family, and not just the individual client.  Having developed relationships with so many families over the years, we have witnessed the ways that family members respond to the changing needs of their loved one.   Getting your family on […]

Getting Off to a Great Start with Care

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Our clients love to share stories about the strong bonds they developed with caregivers during their time together.  This happens, in part, thanks to our commitment to working with families and clients from day one to ensure we have the right people in place, and full understanding of their needs.   During this time of adjustment, […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Discuss Care

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Home.  The place where so many memories are created.  A place so familiar to you, navigating for a glass of water in the dark is second nature.  Our home is a place of comfort, and it should come as no surprise that people want to remain in their homes for as long as possible. Age-related […]

Helping a Loved One with Memory Loss


When we finally realize a good friend or family member is suffering from significant memory loss, we naturally want to step in and help.  Determining the best way to help is often a tough puzzle to solve.  No one taught us how to care for someone with memory loss.  Caring for someone who has dementia […]

Early Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease


Moments of forgetfulness can plague all ages.  If these brief lapses come with a scare over your mental health, you are not alone.  The harsh reality of Alzheimer Disease is enough to make anyone concerned about their risk.   Given 1 in 10 people aged 65 or older have the disease, according to the 2017 […]