Caregiver watering flowersExceptional caregivers mean exceptional care

SHC caregivers are part of an exclusive group. Fewer than 20 percent of applicants meet our stringent criteria for honesty, competency and dependability.

Our caregivers aren’t simply looking for work; they’re answering a call to serve others and make a difference. They’re experienced, mature adults—many of them retirees—dedicated to helping make our clients’ lives as rich and satisfying as possible. It shows in their devotion to our clients and their willingness to go above and beyond.

The right match makes the difference

We carefully match you with a caregiver based on your needs and personality. That means we take time to listen to your story, learning as much as we can about who you are, who and what’s been a part of your life, what you enjoy, what you don’t, and the type of services you’re looking for. Our unique matching process prioritizes your needs and matches you with caregivers whose strengths will best meet your needs for the long term. We believe exceptional care is about trusting, meaningful relationships, so you can count on consistent care from the same caregiver as long as you like.

Hiring only the best caregivers has helped make Senior Home Companions Indianapolis’ premier service for providing in-home care for nearly two decades. Our caregivers know that being a part of the SHC family comes with a long-standing reputation for excellence. It’s why nearly half of our caregivers have worked for us for three years or more and many for over 10.

Meet a few of our experienced, exceptional SHC caregivers:


Debbie Kaminski photo

Debbie, Caregiver

Debbie Kaminiski has served just about every client situation imaginable during the more than seven years she has been with Senior Home Companions. Her wide range of expertise in her background—from an elementary educator to technology consultant—combined with her gracious spirit and in-depth knowledge about the aging process, helps her quickly connect with every client she serves. “Some people are born to love people,” she says. “I love people!”

Debbie says one of her most memorable experiences as a caregiver was with a long-time client who spent her final days surrounded by her family. Just moments before she passed, her client’s daughter noticed a beautiful dove watching the client through a window. After the client passed, the dove flew off. It was a beautifully peaceful moment Debbie will never forget.

Currently, Debbie is the lead caregiver providing around-the-clock assistance for a husband and wife in their home. From coordinating medical appointments to overseeing house upkeep and maintenance, to ensuring they have groceries and are eating balanced meals, Debbie oversees everything they need to live independently.

Photo of Clarissa

Clarissa, Caregiver

Clarissa worked with Normal Life of Indiana for 6 years as a Direct Support Professional. She was responsible for aiding disabled individuals both young and old with independent living skills.  Clarissa has had a heart for caring for older adults since she was a little girl.  She is very family-oriented and loves spending time with family, friends, and attending church. Clarissa is married to Joseph, who is also a tenured caregiver with SHC. She and Joseph are committed parents to 4 children.

Miss Foster headshot

Carolyn, Caregiver

Every client and family Caroline has served will tell you her passion for helping people comes through in everything she does. A certified nursing assistant, Caroline has years of experience, caring for people with a genuine, attentive approach that leaves clients and families knowing they’re being cared for in the best way possible.

A client recently expressed her gratitude for Carolyn, sharing in their family’s Christmas newsletter that after years of searching for someone to help with her mother, they found someone they could trust without reservation in Carolyn. Because of Carolyn’s assistance, our client’s daughter attended her grandchild’s first birthday celebration—something she never thought would be possible.  The daughter has also been able to commit to an ongoing exercise program with her husband, giving her a needed break from the responsibilities of caring for her mom, and reenergize.