Steps to Help Avoid the Common Cold & the Flu

SHC team standing together

SHC had the pleasure of having Chef Wendell stop by to teach staff about healthy eating, how to make the perfect smoothies & steps to boost your immunity to colds & the Flu. He has been an on-air contributor for WISH TV in Indianapolis for 14 years & has a popular weekly TV segment viewed by 1,000’s. He is the author of: ”Eat Right Now: The End of Mindless Eating” & ”Eat Right Now 2.0: It’s All About the Food.”  For more about Chef Wendell, visit his website at

Chef Wendell told staff to, “Love yourself & make health a priority”. Here are just a few of the steps that the SHC staff learned, in regards to helping keep a cold and the flu away:

  • Take a vitamin D-3 supplement every day.
  • Get as much sunlight as you can, which will help you synthesize more vitamin D.
  • Get regular exercise to boost circulation & immune strength.
  • Eat more fresh produce & create meals that are rich in pungent spices.
  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Drink more “live” vegetable juices and blended smoothies.
  • Break the sugar addiction. Sugar has been proven to shut down your immune system.