Caregiver Training: Dementia

ten men and women smiling

SHC caregivers attended a seminar over Dementia hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association. Symptoms of dementia can be different with everyone. In order to be diagnosed with dementia you must have at least two of the below symptoms:

  • Memory loss
  • Communication and language problems
  • Lack of ability to focus and pay attention
  • Reasoning and judgment impaired
  • Visual perception impaired

Usually those who know someone that has dementia will notice that symptoms will gradually worsen over time.

Caregivers learned how to identify common behaviors that can be dementia triggers, such as pain or discomfort, over/under stimulation, fear/frustration, unfamiliar surroundings and complicated tasks. Caregivers then learned how to understand and address the behavior and what steps to take.

  1. Detect and connect
  2. Address physical issues
  3. Address emotional needs
  4. Reassess and plan for next time

Finally, caregivers learned how to react to common dementia-related behaviors, such as anxiety/agitation, confusion/suspicion, aggression, repetition and wandering to name a few, using the 4 steps that they learned above.