Employee Spotlight: Devon Holm

As the Director of Client Relationships, Devon Holm, teams up with the SHC of Indiana business development team to create positive community relationships and make sure clients receive personalized care. She wanted to join Senior Home Companions after she met the Executive Director at a networking event where he was talking about his passion for home care. Devon quickly realized that SHC would be the best place for her to grow personally and professionally.

“I love that at SHC I am able to combine a career with a passion,” Devon said.

One of the reasons Devon loves her job is because of the inter-disciplinary care plan meetings she takes part in. They are impactful to her because everything that she works toward every day comes together right before her eyes. The rehab facility, physicians’ group, home health and SHC all work together to make sure families have what they need from the time of discharge to being home with a plan set in place. All entities are included in the planning process for families to be able to get all of their questions answered and receive the services needed for their loved one.

The respect that the SHC name has with the community makes Devon proud. She would never work somewhere she would not send her own family to, and SHC goes above and beyond to make every client feel heard and respected.

Devon believes in the “true heart” everyone at SHC has. She’s proud to be a part of a committed team and knows what amount of work and care goes into every relationship, care plan or meeting. She always says, “We are humans taking care of humans, so by no means are we perfect; but, we do strive to do the right thing or make things right.”

In her free time Devon loves to workout to decompress, go on dinner dates and to country concerts with her husband. Along with visiting family and friends, Devon enjoys volunteering with the local Heroes Foundation.