Employee Spotlight: Rae’Jo Fox

Coming up on her 10-year work anniversary with SHC, Rae’Jo left corporate America to fulfill her true calling — caregiving. As SHC Indiana’s operations conductor, she creates efficient workflow processes that ensure extraordinary care and high quality of life for our clients.

“There is so much work behind the scenes that goes on at SHC. It is not your typical 9-5 job. We all truly care and go above and beyond for our clients each and every day,” Rae’Jo said.

One of Rae’Jo’s favorite memories while working at SHC was when she had the opportunity to assist a client who had recently become blind. The woman had always been the one to take care of her husband, and now she was unable, leaving her tearful and discouraged. One day she let Rae’Jo know that she used to make homemade apple pie, which was her husband’s favorite and could no longer do so. The next time she saw the client, Rae’Jo helped make the apple pie step-by-step with directions from the client. When her husband came home that day, she felt so proud and got to enjoy one of the little things again.

“When I became a caregiver, I was reminded every day how much SHC can impact lives,” Rae’Jo said.

In her free time, Rae’Jo runs a dog rescue working to find abused or neglected dogs their forever homes filled with love.