Rock Steady Boxing… Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s Disease

RSB Fighting Parkinson’s
Krisi Follmar Former World Champion Professional Boxer

Krisi Follmar Former World Champion Professional Boxer

Helping Make SHC’s Great Senior Care even better!

On July 8, Kristi Rose Follmar, CPT, program director and head coach at Rock Steady Boxing, came to speak with SHC caregivers about the benefits of a non-contact, boxing-based curriculum for individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that such a regiment can significantly improve affected individuals’ quality of life as they see increases to range of motion, flexibility, posture, and gait.

Rock Steady Boxing:

Founded in Indianapolis in 2006, Rock Steady Boxing has since grown to over 40 US affiliates (5 locations in Indianapolis) and 2 international affiliates. It’s a program designed to meet the fitness levels of all stages of Parkinson’s disease. To get more information about Rock Steady Boxing and see inspirational videos of some of their participants, go to