Senior Home Companions Announces Veterans Affairs Partnership to Provide Home-Based Care to Veterans

two people shaking hands in front of an American flag

Senior Home Companions (SHC) announces a new partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Indiana to provide home-based care to veterans in the greater Indianapolis area at no cost to the veteran.

Veterans who need assistance with activities of daily living — like bathing or dressing — can now take advantage of additional non-medical services through SHC. The home-based care program also provides respite care for family members.

This service is available to veterans regardless of whether their physician is based at the VA or not, but an assessment by a VA clinician is required to determine eligibility. Eligible veterans receive a referral for home-based care from the VA clinic.

“We are excited to tell the community we can now provide home-based care to veterans through a new contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs,” said SHC Executive Director Nick McGail. “For those individuals who need extra support in their homes and qualify for this program, this is a wonderful opportunity to improve their quality of life through our tenured team of caregivers. We have already accepted our first VA client, and we are looking forward to connecting with and serving as many veterans as we can in the greater Indianapolis area to meet their care needs.”

Call 317-251-0441 to talk with a Senior Home Companions representative about the home-based care program.