Tips for Introducing Home Care to Parents

providing Home Care to Parents

Home Care, Having That Discussion:

If you’re finding yourself at an impasse when discussing the need for home care with your elderly parents, Senior Home Companions offers these tips for help.

  1. Listen, consider, and validate your parents’ perspective. Emotions can run high when it comes to the thought of bringing in someone for help. Keep this in mind when you are discussing home care options.
  2. Talk about goals, and try to compromise. Some common goals that aging parents have include staying at home as long as possible and staying in control of their day to day activities in their lives. Rather than bringing in someone to do things for your parent, bring someone in to help your parent. The important thing is to have good discussion and figure out what is most important to the aging parent. Once this need is taken care of, the thought of home care may be more appealing.
  3. Don’t talk about what they can’t do. Keep it positive, and focus on what your desired outcome will allow him or her to do.

Don’t tackle it alone:
Let SHC assist you with this process. Schedule an in home assessment,  we will meet with you and your elderly parents to talk about the home care options we can provide for you. If you are having trouble even having a family discussion, check out our Family Matters service,, where we can actually facilitate this very sort of conversation for you.

Questions? Contact us electronically or give us a call at 317-251-0441. We look forward to serving you and your family!