Health Risks of Isolation in Elderly

When winter hits, it seems like everyone gets the blues. Science has shown that the decreased sunlight during the winter season can reduce serotonin, affecting mood, as well as melatonin, affecting sleep. The resulting depression is commonly called Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. This disorder can impact the elderly even more, since they are already […]

Indianapolis Senior Care | Home for the Holidays

Caregiver and senior celebrating christmas

With the holidays here, many people are looking forward to getting together to celebrate and visit with loved ones. If you haven’t seen your parents in a while, it may be a good time to look for any signs that they may need a little more help from you or someone like an in-home Indianapolis […]

Self-Care Tips for Caregivers

Caring for others is not only rewarding for the one being cared for, but also for ourselves. It can also take a toll on our physical and emotional state, so it’s important to remember that self-care is just as important as caring for another. Self-care Tips for Caregivers When you need to take care of […]

Caregiver Appreciation Month: How to Celebrate the Caregivers in Your Life

November is Caregiver Appreciation Month. We appreciate all of our Senior Home Companion caregivers who selflessly help families assist loved ones day after day. A week of “Caregiver Appreciation” has gained awareness since the mid-90s, but in 2012, Caregiver Appreciation Month was declared as, “ … a time to reflect on the compassion and dedication […]

Senior Home Companions Caregiver Enjoys Making a Difference

For Senior Home Companions caregiver Kristen Braiman, her job is much more than the day-to-day services she provides her clients in Indianapolis. For Kristen, her clients are like family. That can be attributed to her experience with her own parent. “I was my mother’s primary caregiver after a surgery that didn’t go well. She needed […]

The Meaning Behind the Job: What Drives Today’s Professional Caregivers?

Caregiving is a special job. Although it can involve ordinary, everyday tasks, it also leads to extraordinary relationships. “It’s about much more than cleaning seniors’ homes and taking them to appointments,” said caregiver Debbie Mortimer. “These amazing clients often just want you to sit and talk with them and take an interest in their past […]