Senior Home Companions Team Spotlight | Emily Middleworth

As a Lead Client Coordinator at Senior Home Companions (SHC), Emily Middlesworth enjoys working with our companion caregivers and their clients. She has served in this role for seven months, and has found that the job entails talking to lots of people and making lots of calls! She loves helping others and matching caregivers with […]

Senior Home Companions Caregiver Enjoys Making a Difference

For Senior Home Companions caregiver Kristen Braiman, her job is much more than the day-to-day services she provides her clients in Indianapolis. For Kristen, her clients are like family. That can be attributed to her experience with her own parent. “I was my mother’s primary caregiver after a surgery that didn’t go well. She needed […]

Understanding the Importance of Experience

two men outside by tree

Think about the last time you hired a professional service to repair or install something in your home.  Did you just pick the first company you found, or did you do some research?  Chances are, you did a little investigation before you picked up the phone. How long has the company been in business?  Do […]

Caregiver and Client Spotlight – February

Client and Caregiving Knitting

A Client Spotlight – Cindy & Jo’s Story SHC Caregivers Develop Enriching Hobbies with Clients Cindy is a tenured caregiver with SHC who works diligently to help her clients maintain their independence and individuality.  Cindy’s current client, Jo, is an avid knitter and musician.  Together the two enjoy time knitting outfits for children, which they […]


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From Point A to B, Safe Transfers Safely assisting clients with transfers is often one of the greatest priorities for SHC caregivers.  As SHC is always looking for ways to develop our team we had SHC caregivers attend a Safe transfer training program. The session was presented by David Byrd, a local Director of Wellness […]

SHC Kids go to Springhill Camp

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SHC Loves Summer Camp! With activities such as rock climbing, canoeing, and zip-lining what’s not to love? We think a week at camp is a great way for kids to develop vital life skills, so we reached out to our caregivers and sent a group of SHC kids to the Spring Hill camp of their […]