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From Point A to B, Safe Transfers Safely assisting clients with transfers is often one of the greatest priorities for SHC caregivers.  As SHC is always looking for ways to develop our team we had SHC caregivers attend a Safe transfer training program. The session was presented by David Byrd, a local Director of Wellness […]

Family Matters Brings Synergy to Families Caring for Loved Ones

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A Structured Conversation: Introducing SHC’s newest service, Family Matters. Through this service, SHC provides your family with a platform to address the issues you may face as your loved ones age.  If you’ve never had a family meeting, now is the time! We come alongside to help you explore the topics that are difficult to approach, and facilitate […]

Rock Steady Boxing… Fighting Back Against Parkinson’s Disease

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Helping Make SHC’s Great Senior Care even better! On July 8, Kristi Rose Follmar, CPT, program director and head coach at Rock Steady Boxing, came to speak with SHC caregivers about the benefits of a non-contact, boxing-based curriculum for individuals suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Studies have shown that such a regiment can significantly improve affected […]

The ABC’s of Supporting Your Parents While Aging

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Caregiver Crossing is a radio program sponsored by Joy’s House and designed for all of us who are caring for a loved one or who will be one day. SHC was recently featured on this program. Holly, Community Outreach Liaison, spoke on anticipating needs early with loved ones and taking steps to ensure clear communication […]

Seven Stages of Alzheimer’s

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Not everyone will experience the same symptoms or progress at the same rate. This seven-stage framework is based on a system developed by Barry Reisberg, M.D., clinical director of the New York University School of Medicine’s Silberstein Aging and Dementia Research Center. Stage 1:  No impairment (normal function) The person does not experience any memory problems. […]

20 Reasons Home Care Pays

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  Many have speculated about the greatest legacy of the 20th century. In my view, it is the gift of longevity. Augustus Caesar, credited for the first studies of life expectancy, found the average Roman lived to be 33 years of age. By 1900, life expectancy had only been extended 12 years. In the 20th […]